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The Problem


Too often construction sites and seasoned construction teams are thrust into logistical chaos because of the lack of visibility across a jobsite's supply chain and activities. A lack of transparency onsite results in inefficient use of critical personnel, compressed timelines, and unpredictable cashflows for all project stakeholders.


What We Do

We offer a simple end-to-end technology solution that creates a connected jobsite. Giving worksite personnel the ability to locate materials, tools, and people across the site in real time - we put the supply chain in the hands of the builders.


Ynomia: Driving Order Onsite

  • Ynomia converts your worksite into a digital warehouse, bringing real-time location of critical building materials from entry on site to building installation location. 
  • We put critical locational data in the hands of the workforce, eradicating the time and costs wasted searching, waiting, and verifying.  
  • Removing frustrations builders have come to expect in a complex, high value build.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia